Enabling a social support experience

Zendesk Yammer App Screenshot
Zendesk Yammer App Screenshot


Providing amazing customer service isn’t solely the responsibility of your support agents; delighting your customers should be part of everyone’s job. Enter Zendesk for Yammer, making customer service in your company more social and transparent, providing visibility for all employees. Support ticket updates appear in your Yammer Activity Stream, giving everyone insight into not only ticket volumes and issues that may require their assistance, but customer satisfaction, too – resulting in faster resolution times, and happier customers.

Share the voice of the customer

With Zendesk for Yammer, your Yammer Activity Stream is updated with every ticket that’s created, making it easy for your entire organization to get a glimpse of what the customers are saying. Anyone in your company can see in real-time if there’s a problem needing attention – and respond to it before it becomes a larger issue affecting even more customers.

Show Off Your Service Swagger

Updates are also pushed to Yammer when a customer satisfaction rating is added to a ticket. Just like the SportsCenter highlights on ESPN, everyone can see and understand at a glance how many tickets you’re dealing with each day, and how awesome your customers think you are.

Turn critics into loyal customers

Nothing soothes an angry customer like an immediate resolution, and that’s why identifying high priority tickets is so crucial. Satisfaction ratings in your Activity Stream also provide transparency into dissatisfied customers, enabling everyone from executives to account or product managers to jump in and help you turn that frown upside-down.

How to install

Setting up the Zendesk Activity Stream for Yammer

  1. First, log into your Zendesk account.
  2. Navigate to the Extensions page by clicking the Manage icon in the sidebar, then select Extensions.
  3. Click the Activity Streams tab.
  4. Click Add your Yammer account.
  5. Put your token in the Oauth access token field.
  6. Click the Save tab.
  7. Select the items you'd like to appear in the activity stream.
  8. Click the Save tab.

You can also set up a Zendesk Target to push certain events directly into your Yammer stream instead of an activity feed. For more information, see the article here: