Real-time live chat made simple

Zendesk Zopim App Screenshot
Zendesk Zopim App Screenshot
Zendesk Zopim App Screenshot


Just like in a real shop, Zopim live chat lets you talk to visitors on your website. Help them find a solution and impress them with your service. Place the beautiful, customizable Zopim chat widget on your website, and start having genuine conversations with visitors in seconds.

With this integration, you can create a Zendesk ticket from a Zopim chat at a click of a button. You'll also have useful information like the customer's location and IP address all included in the transcript that's saved as a ticket.

Stay tuned for the new version of this integration arriving in May

How to install

You'll need a Zopim account to use this integration. Don’t have one? Sign up here.

  1. Go to the Integration Page in your Zopim account
  2. Click on the Zendesk integration, enter your Zendesk details and click on 'Save'
  3. If you want to see Zendesk ticket information when you're chatting with visitors in Zopim, ensure you have checked 'Require Identity' in the 'Forms' tab of the Zopim Widget Customization page

See here for more info.