Add Simple SMS to Your Ticket Workflow With Twilio

Ridiculously Simple SMS from Zendesk with Twilio

Delivering timely information to the right support agents keep your support machine running smoothly and your customers happy.  Now you can receive text messages to your mobile phone via Twilio’s new SMS API using our new Twilio target.  Zendesk administrators can combine triggers with the Twilio target to build powerful ticketing workflows that will deliver important updates, as they happen, to the right personnel.  Configure Zendesk to deliver urgent ticket notifications to support staff on-the-go or combine custom ticket field and tag criteria to alert users of specific events as they happen in your help desk.

Visit Twilio to learn more about leveraging Twilio’s powerful cloud communications platform in your support organization. The Twilio target is already available in your Zendesk.

  • Mike

    Looks great, do you know if its possible to have SMS sent on ticket changes to requesters? Rather than just one phone number?

  • GothamTommy

    Yes. We do this for our clients.

    First you need to make a ticket field for the requester to enter when the submit the ticket. Then you’ll need to create a new Target for Twilio (you can’t use the one that ZenDesk offers you as that just lets one person receive a text). The target will need to use the API info from Twilio:


    Your ticket field will look something like this: {{ticket.ticket_field_123456}}

    Your URL should like something like this:{{ticket.ticket_field_123456}}

    Method: Post
    Value: Body

    Basic Authentication:
    Username: (Your Twilio Account SID)
    Password: (Your Twilio Auth Token)

    Finally, to send messages to SMS, you’ll need to create Triggers. You’ll set your triggers as you’d like. The “Perform these actions” should include “Notify target” and the name of your Twilio target you created above. Whatever you type in “Message” will be sent by SMS.

  • Thorleif Wiik

    Twilio does not support +49 30 .. for Berlin / Germany, hope this will come soon. 

  • Dave, Zengage Editor

    Hopefully! There’s still no timeline right now. Apparently, getting phone access in Germany is very difficult.

  • Fredrik Linnander

    Is it possible for the ticket requestor to reply to SMS, making the solution two ways?

  • Zengage Editor

     Hi Fredrick,
    Thank you for your question. I have submitted it as a ticket and a customer advocate will be in touch with you soon.

  • aussie

    Hi is 2 way sms available in Australia

  • Zengage Editor

     Hi Aussie,
    Thanks for your question. I have created a ticket for you and a customer advocate will be in touch with you soon.