SSO with Your Drupal Site SSO with Zendesk

We’ve long been fans of the Drupal framework and we’re pleased to see today that the good people at, the official site of the open source content management platform, have created a remote authentication module which allows for single sign-on between Zendesk and Drupal supported sites.

For web sites using Drupal this means that users logged into your site are automatically logged into your Zendesk powered help desk.

We’d love to hear from you on about how you find the integration.

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  • Andy

    It’s good to have such already created module.

    Does Zendesk plan to support such kind of implementation on Drupal platform?


  • Greg

    Any chance you will release same system for Joomla ?

  • Anonymous

    Will you be adding feature for Drupal 7?

  • Anonymous

    Zendesk should financially support this module. Its languishing and not even updated for D7.

  • Dave, Zengage Editor

    This particular module was done by an outside developer, so we’re reach out to see if he’s interested in updating the project. Will keep you posted.

  • dena

    I imagine that now that remote authentication is going away, this module will no longer work?