Infographic: Inside the Mind of a Customer Support Agent

Before the award nominations start rolling in for best infographic ever, we need to give credit where credit is due. So a big shout out to the folks at Get Satisfaction, who, after publishing their take on what goes on inside the mind of a community manager, inspired us to steal the idea create a similar infographic.

Just who IS that person who takes your agitated telephone calls? What’s the real deal with the customer support guy or gal who resolves your issues via live chat? What makes them so nice? What makes them turn mean? Are they really just robots? Do they even like tacos?

Well folks, the mystery of what makes your local customer support agent tick has been revealed, here, today, on this very blog! Let the mind games begin!

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Help Desk Agent

Image originally posted on Zengage, The Zendesk Blog


  • Paul Gailey

    I do like it – although at the size offered it’s too large to embed in most 2 column blogs, and the first link to GS is also a broken link!

  • Zendesk

    Hi Paul! The GS link is fixed. Thanks for catching that. Also, you make a good point about the size of the infographics. We like to run them big on our blog, but it’s true that it’s not the most flexible size for other blogs. I’ll work on that and see if we can get the size down to something more standard. Thanks!

  • Morgan Sherwood

    Oh look, it’s me! XD

  • Slide Buddy

    Nice visualization! I do reckon that they’re champions at angry birds and twitter user geniuses.hee Though I quite agree, customer support agents are truly dynamic in terms of handling multiple hats all at once.

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