Integrating with Highrise CRM

We’ve recently noticed an increased interest in our integration with Highrise, the cloud-based CRM system by 37signals, and so we wanted to provide more information about how it works.

If you currently use both Highrise and Zendesk, this integration is a must. It is easy to set up and can be used by Zendesk and Highrise customers at no extra cost. You can read more on how to configure the Highrise widget in our support forums. If you’re not a user of either of service, it’s worth considering for your business.

CRM (customer relationship management) is a strategy for managing your company’s interactions with your current and potential customers. The goals are to attract new customers, as well as retain your current ones, by always being prepared when you talk to people. Know what your past conversations with the customer have been about. Know what problems customers encountered or are currently encountering. Keep track of what their particular needs are.

Sure, it’s common sense stuff, but keeping track of all that data can be difficult. This is where Zendesk and Highrise come to the rescue. Highrise keeps elegant records about your customers and your interactions with them; Zendesk makes customer support easy and keeps a record of all your support interactions. With the integration, you can see your Highrise customer data and add notes back to your Highrise records from within Zendesk.

How it works
Let’s say you receive a support ticket from a Michael Johnson. If Michael is in your Highrise, you’ll be able to access his information alongside the support ticket from him, as well as populate the ticket page with that information.

Furthermore, agents can add notes within the support ticket that will be added to that contact back in Highrise. Recording important support interactions in your CRM system ensures that you’ll be better prepared the next time you talk to them. It will help you retain customers by remembering and learning from your history with them.

Try it out! Read more on how to configure the Highrise widget in our support forums

  • VirtualAgent

    That seems pretty neat. I know I appreciate having access to stored past conversations on my IM account, especially if there is a dispute or a specific instruction for a task. Having it ready for real business goals is quite a positive thing to have in handy.

  • Jasmine Limp

    It is this kind of an interesting factor having this information of yours. I was interested with the subject about CRM Management Relationship Management as well as the movement of the story. Maintain up doing this.

  • Jasmine

    It feels good to find this kind of an fascinating topic on the web like this CRM Management Relationship Management these days. I was greatly interested with what you’ve shared and posted with us. Thanks for this anyway.

  • sprechersprecher

    What happens if the person is not yet in highrise? Can i add them from zendesk?

  • Zendesk

    Unfortunately, the current integration does not create/add new users in Highrise from Zendesk. It could be a future enhancement, but there nothing planned at this point.

  • Jaxon Cline

    the last time i tried this (granted it’s been a few months) it was only looking up people and not companies.  is it now able to look up company information that is in highrise? 

  • Picnic CRM

    Tiffany – Is it possible to add users new users from ZenDesk into a CRM?

  • Picnic CRM

    Tiffany – Is it possible to add users new users from ZenDesk into a CRM?

  • Tiffany Maleshefski

    Using our API you can export users from Zendesk as XML which can then be formatted and imported into any CRM. This takes a little work and development knowledge so it is more straightforward to use an integrated CRM such as SugarCRM or Salesforce (we have integrations for both!). Thanks!

  • Mark Fly

    I love this and am getting up to speed on the integration. BUT, is it possible to assign my tasks from Zendesk to Highrise? Or synch that ticket?

  • Martin Seibert


  • Tomblomfield

    I’d also really like to know if this is possible

  • Dave, Zengage Editor

    Unfortunately, this isn’t supported by the integration. You must add the user in Highrise before creating a ticket if you want them to link.

  • Dave, Zengage Editor

    Unfortunately, this isn’t supported by the integration. You must add the user in Highrise before creating a ticket if you want them to link.

  • Wade Foster

    We’ve been working on 3rd party solution to make this work. If anyone, is interested I’d love hearing from you.

  • Websketching

    I am trying to integrate zendesk to highrise… there is NO documentation. Everything points to this page… which seems to be a blank blog post with a few comments… ??

  • Jake

    I have setup my Highrise integration twice now and cannot seem to get it to work the way Zendesk describes. As you can see I see the Highrise widget is in the bottom right and corner, but it does not look up anyone or any company. If I type in a persons name that I know is in my Highrise and click search it opens up a new window with Highrise and directs me to the contact that I searched for, but I don’t know how that helps me?

  • Dave, Zengage Editor

    Hi Jake,

    I filed a ticket about this and support should get back to you soon. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    please disregard my previous post

  • Nitz

    is it possible to go retro with this integration? to be able to pull old tickets into highrise?

  • Zengage Editor

    Thanks for your question. I’ve created a ticket and a support agent will be in touch soon

  • Joe Gold

    The task system in Highrise is so weak. You cant tell who setup the task and like wise there is no way to notify the person who setup the task that the task is complete. There is also no way set current task status. What I’m wondering is, if your in Highrise, can you create a support ticket?

    Also, I see several comments in this thread from over a year ago asking if you can add a person from ZenDesk to HighRise. The responses say that this was being working on. Has this been completed yet?

  • João Paulo Oliveira

    Hi, I would like to add all my old Highrise contacts in an High rise case. Is it possible?

  • Zengage Editor

    Hi Brady… check our forums for more community and customer discussion around our integrations: Thanks!

  • Dominique PERE

    Hi guys! Here at Podbox we have this integration up and running for several happy customers (check Martin U Thormann testimonial on

    You can sync two-way HighRise contacts and accounts with Zendesk. It takes 5 minutes to configure the integration with the history and without duplicates (reconciliation). Then it is automatically synced two-way every 5 minutes. Check it out there!!/Zendesk/Highrise