More great user groups coming!

Zendesk is hitting the road, bringing user groups and training to cities around the country. Over the next few months, we have a great lineup of user group meetings (see the city list below), where local users gather in a casual forum to share best practices, learn from each other, and socialize over a beer.

And don’t forget our popular Zen U. events–we have eight more scheduled this year in North America plus five in Australia/New Zealand, and they’re coming soon to Europe as well! Zen U. events are formalized, free training sessions led by the Zendesk team, and in the fine tradition of universities worldwide, beer is usually consumed.

Our recent tales from the road include the first user meeting of the quarter in Portland last week, kindly hosted and lead by Kavi. Erin Boyle, our product manager of our Salesforce integration (along with a bunch of other IT and education-focused features) was on-site and shared great insight on our roadmap and upcoming features.

In fact, product managers will be attending most of our groups this quarter, so take advantage of this awesome resource, and let them pick your brain, too–they love talking to Zendesk customers. As a special treat for users in San Diego, we are offering FREE training (usually provided only at Zen U.) during that user group.

Additionally, our team will be traveling to a few places these groups haven’t been before (Denver, Atlanta, Vancouver) on top of the 10 places we went last quarter. So why not join us for a beer and make sure you’re doing all you possibly can with your Zendesk?

Join us!

4/30: New York City

5/1: Austin

5/2: Vancouver

5/9: San Diego

5/14: San Francisco

5/22: Boston

5/29: Seattle

6/4: Atlanta

6/6: Washington DC

6/25: Denver

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  • Bob Stephan

    Looking for anybody in the midwest (Indy, Chicago, St. Louis, Columbus, Cincinnati) to start up a Zendesk user group.

  • Zengage Editor

    Hi Bob,
    We actually have a user group planned for Chicago in July. We should have all the details ironed out in the next 48 hours. I’ll post a link here as soon as I have it

  • Scott Wolfe Jr

    Guys – true story: New Orleans is the most fun city in America, and an entrepreneurial hot bed. It’s also where one of your favorite customers are – zlien. We are your favorites, right?

    So bring this down to the NOLA?