SMS, Twitter Integration and More Customization Options

Christmas comes early this year. Last weekend we launched a bunch of new features in Zendesk, whereof two will make it even easier for you to connect Zendesk to your own legacy systems or other cloud services.


First of all we’ve introduced Targets. Targets gives you the ability to fire off external events directly from within your workflow. Say for example that you want to update your accounting system every time a ticket is resolved. Now you can. We’ve populated your Zendesk with a couple of predefined Targets and more will follow. One of them is a Clickatell target, which allows you to send SMS messages with ticket updates. Another one is a Twitter Target, that allows you to push status updates to a Twitter account. And you can create your own custom targets too that fires off http-requests to internal or external systems. Read more about targets in our support forums.

Another really big thing is a complete rewrite of Zendesk’s widget support. Now you can place as many widgets as you want to anywhere in the application. Including the customer-facing pages and the login page. And we’ve widgetized most of Zendesk’s right-column content to give customers the utmost control. Our standard widgets for Highrise, Harvest, Campfire etc. have all been shrinkwrapped with a configuration page, but you can still create your own widgets using our widget Javascript API. We’ve also released a couple of invisible widgets that gives you access to insert custom CSS and Javascript on your pages. With that you can customize your help desk’s fonts, headings, tabs, colors and even standard behavior. We really look forward to seeing how this will be used. And stay tuned for many new widget samples. Read more in our support forums.

Other new features include the ability to nest macros and custom fields in categories. And to bulk import users via CSV. More details here.

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  • Sean O Sullivan

    Hi there –

    Sean here from Dial2Do. I wonder if you would be interested in also adding support to add tickets with your voice, by dialling a number and speaking? If so we'd love to chat.

    I'm at sos "at" dial2do "dot" com. Overview on Dial2Do here:

    Regards, Sean (CTO)