SSO with Django

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Jon Gales is a Django/Python developer and he has recently posted instructions on how to enable Zendesk remote authentication with Django.

Jon writes on his blog:

“I had a pleasant time yesterday hooking Zendesk into an existing Django site. Their API has a hook for remote authentication which is a lot easier than their chart makes it look. Actually it was accomplished in only a couple lines of Python. [...] To the user it’s all transparent. Kudos to Zendesk on making it so easy.”

Thanks to Jon for sharing and good luck and have fun to all Django developers out there. You can read more on the Zendesk Remote Authentication API in our developer section.

  • Jon Gales

    Since a few people seemed to find this useful, I went ahead and packaged it up as a pluggable Django app. The source is on BitBucket:

    Nice work on Zendesk by the way!

  • Aaron Madison

    Good work from Jon (and crazy simple integration from zendesk).  I recently tried using the project though and I think the hash algorithm has changed a bit.

    I created a project that makes a few updates since this one hasn’t been touched in 3+ years.
     - Works with the current remote auth api
     - Allows you to pass the additional available parameters (external_id, organization, tags, remote_photo_url).  
     - Made it available on pypi/pip installable  as zendesk_django_auth
     - Updated to use class based views for easy extensibility

  • Anonymous

    Is there any update on this that supports the new remote authentication frameworks (

  • Ben Rohrs

    @vpetersson:disqus There is a Djano example code posted here:

  • Anonymous

    @benrohrs:disqus awesome. Thanks.