Track How Customers Navigate Your Support Portal With Google Analytics

Many of our customers have been interested in gaining insight into their Zendesk site traffic through Google Analytics to better understand how end users are using their help desk. Our customers have always been able to easily add Google Analytics code to their Zendesk using the flexibility of our Global JavaScript widget.

Now, we take care of the code for you with our new native Google Analytics widget. Simply go to the Widgets page under the Account tab; choose the Google Analytics widget and enter your Web Property ID. With the new Google Analytics widget for Zendesk, you can quickly uncover trends and patterns to improve your customer engagement and create online content that will attract more visitors and grow your community support.

  • Jake Bartlett

    I have this plugged in to our knowledge base but ultimately, I would like to track the traffic on each article and piece of content in the knowledge base.  Is there a way to do this?  That way we can see what support articles users and using most, and which articles are not being used.

  • Max McCal

    You can look at the pageviews on each unique URL within your Zendesk using the “Content Drilldown” feature in Google Analytics. If you select this option from under “Content” you can select just pages in the /formus directory and you should see all of your articles. Here’s a screen capture showing the process:

  • Shun Chen

    Jake, you can check out the new Forum Analytics feature (available to all Plus+ & Enterprise customers), which allows you to monitor all Forum activities over the last 30 days. .

  • David Linder

    Hey Jake, watch the screencast that Max included. It’ll break down page views by forum and then by article. 

    Thanks Max!

  • Tim Archambault

    I would like to track the questions being asked when a user initially asks a question upon clicking our feedback button. Unfortunately, the ga tracking code does not seem to appear on ZenDesk pages that are popups/modal boxes. Can this be fixed? Only seems to work on fully templated pages.

  • Aditya Kumar

    I have simpled added the GA widget for the zendesk. The tracking of the forum categories and the articles in those categories . Is this going to happen automatically. The results of per article pageviews etc this is going to take place automatically right? Without any other intervention.

  • Christian Peper

    It’s actually under the Settings tab and then the Extentions section…