Connect Customer Support and Engineering with Pivotal Tracker

We’re pleased to announce that Pivotal Tracker’s new Zendesk integration now makes the conversation between your support and engineering organizations even easier.

The Zendesk engineering team relies on Pivotal Tracker — an award-winning, agile project management tool — to track, prioritize and deliver product updates that matter to our customer the most. Pivotal LabsWe use our own Zendesk Pivotal Tracker target to turn today’s support tickets into next week’s bug fixes or new features. 

Your support organization can create a Zendesk view for tickets which require engineering attention.  Developers can pull this Zendesk view directly into Pivotal Tracker and drag-and-drop tickets into the development backlog as linked stories.  As a story progresses through the current development iteration, story state and comments are pushed back to the original Zendesk ticket as private comments.  Your support organization will know when a critical fix or new feature is ready, and nothing is lost in translation.

Pivotal Labs, the brains behind Tracker, is the premier Ruby on Rails
consulting organization in the Bay Area, providing training, coaching
and software development in true Extreme Programming style (TDD/BDD, Pair Programming, aggressive refactoring, constant client collaboration, short iterations and continuous integration). Their client list includes prominent names like Twitter, Best Buy and