Zendesk Launches Into the Enterprise

Zendesk has always recognized that different support organizations have different needs for their help desks. Sometimes these differences may be based on company size or the type of support offered or the different channels through which support is delivered.

Everyone knows that Zendesk is great for small and medium organizations. And, we are seeing very rapid adoption by larger companies. In fact, more than 10,000 customers in 100 countries have chosen Zendesk, ranging from rapidly growing start ups such as LiveScribe and Cloudera to large multi-national companies such as Adobe and Sony Music. Our philosophy is whether you are a startup or a large multi-national organization, Zendesk will always offer a variety of plans so that you have the choice to pick the one that meets your specific needs.

Today we are very pleased to announce the new Zendesk Enterprise plan. This is the latest addition to our existing Starter, Regular and Plus+ plans. You can learn more about all our plans at http://www.zendesk.com/compare.

But let me introduce you to the Enterprise plan, which is a direct result of our listening to customers who are building out large, international, and/or multi-brand help desks. These organizations have told us that they require highly robust, flexible help desk software with sophisticated customization capabilities and added layers of security. They include:

Unlimited internal usage
With Zendesk Enterprise, you can now create a highly collaborative environment where everyone in your organization works to deliver exceptional customer support. You can give access to an unlimited number of “light” agents who can view and privately comment on support requests within your Zendesk without having to pay for additional seats.

High level of customization
Design your help desk according to your organization’s support needs. You can allow or restrict access to specific features within your Zendesk by creating custom agent roles. It is easy to manage and keep track of the business rules your support team has created by seeing where and by whom these rules are used. And for multi-brand corporations, you can work more efficiently by centralizing your support teams while maintaining multiple uniquely-branded customer facing support portals.

Extra security layers
Zendesk Enterprise provides the highest level of security to help ensure that your organization’s information is safe. You can restrict access to your Zendesk by defining a range of “approved” IP addresses. And for regulatory compliance, you can now archive all of your customer support interactions.

Priority support
For customers that require the fastest response times, we will provide responses to your support requests in less than an hour of your having submitted them, and you get access to 24/7 phone support. In the past year, we have nearly tripled the size of our support team to help ensure that all customers continue to receive the superior support for which Zendesk is known.

We at Zendesk are very proud of our offerings and happy to continue to design our software and plans to meet the needs of organizations in every phase of their evolution. You can rest assured that we will continue to innovate and add new and innovative features to every plan we offer. We welcome your feedback.

  • http://twitter.com/gerrygadget gerrygadget

    Product looks interesting.  I will mention it to a buddy of mine running a small company.  My large company is entrenched, tho, I’m in no position to recommend changes.

    Love the image at the top of the post – green glowy building in a dark city.  Any chance of making it into a wallpaper at various sizes?  (I’m using 1920×1200 – hint, hint).  If there’s a ‘barely there’ website address you could circulate it as advertising.  Check it into deviantart or flickr or some other popular place and tag it so it gets noticed.

  • http://youwillnotbelieve.us Matthew Latkiewicz

    Thanks Gerry :-) Feel free to put your buddy in touch with us; or send along their Web site to us.

    I bet we could make that image available for wallpaper, good idea. Let me talk to the artist here and see what he can do. I’ll be in touch.

  • http://twitter.com/mikkelsvane Mikkel Svane

    Gerry, you sure you don’t want the illustration to this article as your wallpaper in stead? http://www.zendesk.com/blog/not-just-another-enterprise-suit

  • Bjoern Bauer

    Guys, this is great. It not only shows that feedback from “us” customers is heard but also that Zendesk is a real partner to rely on. This new plan -again- strengthens our already strong and long lasting relationship. Great attitude, great company! Thanks for that and the next many many years!