Your Moment of Zen: The FM3 Buddha Machine Wall

In case you haven't been over to one particularly ultra-cool part of our website, take a minute for yourself and chill-out to the melodic meditations of the famous FM3 Zendesk Buddha Machine Wall.

The wall, which debuted in December 2008, continues to be immensely popular – in fact its one of the most visited pages on FM3 are the good folks who make the "machines" that make up the wall.

First time you’re hearing about it? It's a virtual (and somewhat mysterious) wall of soothing music. It receives quite a bit of attention and is regularly mentioned by bloggers, Twitter users — and every once in awhile even gets mentioned in the press, too (some of those pubs include PCWorld, lifehacker and even the New Yorker (not once, but twice).

One Twitter user recently exclaimed that when he embedded the Buddha Machine into his own blog, his page views went up 10,000 hits in one day. We can’t promise spectacular spikes in traffic like that, but we can safely say that adding the wall to your own site will make you a little bit cooler.

So if you haven't visited the wall already, now is the time to head over and let the soothing music encompass you and bring a little Zen and enlightenment to your hectic day.

  • Matthew Latkiewicz

    Ah! Thanks for pointing that out – glad to know you're a Buddha Machine Listener :-) We had some issues with our new website launch today that killed the wall. But it is coming back, we promise. We are working on it now.

  • greg

    WTF?!?!?! i use this everyday! Now it 404s. BRING IT BACK!

  • Peter Bennett

    Hey… love your buddha machine wall… use it alost everyday since I found it.  But now it does not work?  I get a “This site is currently unavailable” message.
    Thank you anyway for your great site.

  • Jurgen Pletinckx

    The wall has been giving a CloudFlare error for a while now. Is it defunct, or is this just temporary?