Poke Your Help Desk with Zendesk for Facebook

Facebook pages make it easy for you to interact with your customers, but monitoring customer wall posts and comments can be confusing and time consuming. Finally, we’ve created a solution: Zendesk for Facebook turns comments and wall posts into tickets and organizes them in a single place, making it easy to track and respond to your beloved customers from within Zendesk no matter how active your wall.

Facebook is the largest of the two major social networks, including Twitter, and an integral part of the multichannel approach we champion here at Zendesk. When used proactively, having several touch points allows you to address issues before they become problems–a huge advantage in today’s demanding social media climate. Whether responding to issues or soliciting customer feedback, Zendesk for Facebook makes managing responses easy.

“A large group of our of our special needs community lives on Facebook, and, we can now provide much more comprehensive support by monitoring and responding to their posts on our wall. Zendesk for Facebook has allowed us to serve more users more effectively than we ever could before. And best of all, we can focus on helping our members without needing to be too technical – we love it!”
Sami Rahman, Co-Founder

Adding Facebook to your Zendesk account takes just minutes and requires little technical skill. For more information on how it works and the setup process, visit our detailed forum post.

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  • http://boisecomputing.com Boise Computing LLC

    Any support yet for optional wall posts?  We don’t want 100% of our wall posts to turn into tickets. 

  • David Soliday

    I manage two pages via my personal Fb account. When I tried to connect ZD it said it would manage both of them. I only want it to manage our Help Desk page and not the other one. Is there any way to specify which page for it to manage and have it leave the other one(s) alone?

  • http://www.zendesk.com Dave, Zengage Editor

    Glad you got it worked out!