Zendesk for Yammer Debuting at Yammer on Tour in Amsterdam

Our Yammer Activity Stream integration is now live just in time for their Amsterdam Yammer on Tour event on March 1, 2012. Because we’re not ones to pass up a party, especially in Amsterdam, our very own Matt Price will be on hand to demo our latest integration and screen the bar’s drinks for possible toxins.

For those unfamiliar with our new integration, it pushes Zendesk notifications into users’ Yammer Activity Stream (the smaller feed in the right-hand bar) when certain configurable activities happen:

- Ticket creation

- Ticket status change

- Ticket priority change

- Satisfaction rating is added

Zendesk for Yammer makes the service process more transparent for internal customers, reducing the number of pesky status requests. It also increases visibility, which allows coworkers from other departments to join in on the fun and answer tickets they might not see otherwise. How Yammer makes collaboration more efficient, Zendesk for Yammer does the same for support.

If you happen to be getting Yammered in Amsterdam at the event, stop by our booth for a quick demo and say “Hi.” We’d love to see you.

For more information on Zendesk for Yammer, visit our forum post.