Zendesk Voice Jet Skis Across the Pond, Launches UK Beta

Fresh off our successful Zendesk Voice launch, we’re keeping the momentum going all the way across the pond to the UK with our first public beta in Europe. That’s right, our UK friends and customers can now receive and record phone calls, and even set up a phone number, directly in Zendesk! They’ll join the more than 500 US companies who are already using Zendesk Voice.

Shhhh…Do you hear that? It’s the sound of our London office high-fiving and having an Earl Grey chug-off!

This is the first step towards a Europe where the sounds of satisfied customers echo over hill and dale. The UK is our jumping off point, mainly because we have an office in London (our European HQ) and our customers there speak English, making it easy to troubleshoot. (After all, this IS a beta.) Plus, of our more than 2,500 awesome European customers, the UK contingent has made the most requests. But the rest of Europe is coming soon–if this beta goes well.

We urge everyone in the UK to sign up for our beta, use it, and find a way to break it. Break the hell out of it. With your help, this beta will take our beloved new product to new heights. Together, we can finally satisfy those pesky 79% of consumers who still prefer voice to any other support channel. So, do it for Queen and Country, and if that’s not enough, do it for your customers!