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per agent / mo Billed annually or
$2 month-to-month
  • Email ticketingAll emails sent to your Zendesk become tickets so you can easily manage your customer conversations.
  • Knowledge baseHelp your customers answer their own FAQs with a knowledge base full of useful tips and articles.
  • 140+ pre-built appsChoose from 140+ apps and integrations to connect your favorite tools, like Salesforce or JIRA, with Zendesk. Or, tap into our developer API.
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per agent / mo Billed annually or
$29 month-to-month
  • Satisfaction surveysCustomers can rate their satisfaction of the support they received from your team by answering one simple question.
  • CommunitiesEncourage a vibrant community where customers can engage with one another by sharing tips, voting on feature requests, and following topics.
  • Custom domainDirect users to a branded ‘’ with domain host mapping. Additional encryption via SSL is available on Plus and Enterprise plans.
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Plus Promo*

per agent / mo Billed annually or
$69 $59 month-to-month
  • Your free trial starts on Plus.
    Buy any plan later.
  • Time trackingAutomatically track time spent on each Zendesk ticket and use these insights on team performance to improve your customer support.
  • Custom data dashboards

    Analyze trends across customer support interactions and improve operations with custom analytics and reports you can build in Insights.

    Why choose Plus?
  • Internal knowledge baseCreate a secure knowledge base only your support agents can access for internal information, documentation, and processes.
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per agent / mo Billed annually or
$139 month-to-month
  • Multiple ticket formsOffer multiple support request forms to ask your customers the right customers when they reach out for help.
  • Unlimited light agentsLight agents can collaborate with your support reps on any ticket. For no additional cost, expand visibility throughout your entire company.
  • Launch guidanceGet up and running quickly with help from our customer success managers who will guide you through your Zendesk setup and best practices.
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Enterprise Elite

per agent / mo Billed annually
No monthly pricing
  • Elite supportThe white glove treatment includes a named customer success executive, a dedicated support team, appointment booking, response time SLAs, and semi-annual business reviews.
  • Product trainingStay ahead of the curve with product training services on topics like your Zendesk implementation, analytics, custom app development, and more.
  • Uptime SLAsRest assured knowing that your Zendesk will be available for you and your customers with a 99.5% uptime SLA.
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All plans billed in USD
  • Can I change plans at anytime?

    You bet! Upgrade anytime right from your Zendesk dashboard.

  • What are agents?

    Agents are your organization's team members who will receive and resolve tickets - they need individual access to your help desk. Basically, our agent fee is exactly like a per license fee that you use with other software packages (but doesn't agent sound more fun?).

  • How does the 30-day trial work?

    After you create an account, you get instant access to all Zendesk features for 30 days (if you would like to upgrade or downgrade your plan, just contact us). We don't require a credit card during the trial, so you can try Zendesk obligation-free.

  • What happens at the trial end?

    Our Zendesk support team will email you before your trial expires. You can choose one of four plans and pay by credit card inside the product or contact our sales team if you wish to pay by invoice. Your trial account will become your permanent account (all of your customizations, data, and actions remain intact).

    If you decide not to start paying at the end of your 30-day trial, your account will expire.

  • How will you bill me?

    We offer both monthly and annual billing. You can pay by credit card online. Our Plus+ and Enterprise plans have the option of invoicing. Contact us for details.

* "Plus Plan" promotional pricing is available solely for new Zendesk accounts beginning payment between July 1, 2014 and the end of the promotional period (the "Promotional Period") and Zendesk accounts which upgrade from another plan to the Plus Plan during the promotional period. Standard (non-promotional) pricing applies to all subscriptions to the Plus Plan, including renewal subscriptions, for Zendesk accounts established prior to or following the Promotional Period.





Monthly pricing (Billed annually) $1 USD per month/agent $25 USD per month/agent $49 USD per month/agent $125 USD per month/agent
Monthly pricing (Billed monthly) $2 USD per month/agent $29 USD per month/agent $59 USD per month/agent $139 USD per month/agent
Agent limit 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Annual invoicing optionContact sales for more details.
Free internal usageLight agents are able to read and make private comments on a ticket. Good for internal collaboration with non-support departments.
Self-service: Full knowledge base
Self-service: Moderated community support
Email support 8×5 24×7 24×7
Phone support 24×5 24×7
Launch guidanceGet up and running quickly with help from our customer success personalized approach to guide you through Zendesk and customer service best practices.
Email (unlimited addresses)Out-the-box email integration (no need to set up your mail server) with unlimited email addresses. Customizable HTML and text templates.
Help Center (web-based)Custom-branded Help Center with knowledge base, customer portal, and mobile-optimized interface.
TwitterEngage customers over Twitter and easily convert tweets into tickets, DMs, and faves all from within your Zendesk.
FacebookLink to Facebook pages and easily convert posts and private messages into tickets all from within your Zendesk. Sync up to two Facebook accounts to your Zendesk.
1 2 2 2
Voice (native phone support)Make or receive customer calls directly in Zendesk. Voicemail recordings and transcriptions are automatically captured in tickets. One Zendesk Voice number is included on the Starter plan.
1 Variable Variable Variable
Zopim ChatProvide real-time support to your customers, collaborate through agent-to-agent chat, and proactively engage with visitors on your website. Zopim Lite is included with all Zendesk plans. Integrating with Zopim’s Basic or Advanced plan requires a paid subscription of Zopim Chat.
View pricing View pricing View pricing View pricing
Pre-defined responses (macros)Macros allow agents to quickly respond to common requests with a standard reply.
Agent interface in 19 languagesAgents can work in their preferred language, with a localized admin interface in German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, English, English (UK), Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Russian, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.
Native mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire)Access Zendesk from your favorite mobile devices and view and respond to support requests.
Custom business rules (triggers & automations)Initiate workflow triggered by ticket changes or time-based conditions. Your Zendesk comes with pre-configured business rules that we recommend as best practices. You can add more, modify, or turn them off.
Agent collision detectionAn agent receives a warning when opening or updating a ticket that another agent is working on at the same time.
Dynamic contentMulti-language placeholders that dynamically insert ticket content based on end-user language preferences.
Multi-locale (timezone and languages)
Business hoursDefine business hours in your Zendesk to let your customers know your support availability.
Multiple ticket formsCreate multiple support request forms that show a unique set of ticket fields— ensuring you’re gathering the right info from the customer for every support request.
Business rules analysisIn-depth analysis of how a given ticket property is used across your triggers, automations, macros, and ticket views.
Automated ticket sharingCreate automated workflows that share tickets between multiple Zendesk accounts.
Custom-branded Help Center with knowledge base, customer portal, and mobile-optimized interfaceHelp Center comes with your Zendesk and supports 40+ languages, even ones that read right to left.
Support for 40+ languagesSpecify the languages you want to support in your Help Center, and set a different name for the Help Center for each of your supported languages. On Starter and Regular plans, Help Center supports one language. On Plus and Enterprise plans, you can select multiple languages to support. Zendesk fully supports the following languages: English, English (Canada), English (UK), French, French (Canada), Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Danish, Norwegian, Turkish, Swedish, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, Indonesian, Thai, Finnish. Zendesk partners with third party vendors to support the following languages: Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Georgian, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Filipino, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Ukranian, Vietnamese, Persian.
1 1 Multiple Multiple
ThemesStart to brand your Help Center with one of our design layouts built upon self-service best practices.
Feedback tabTab which can be embedded in any website. Allows customers to chat with an agent, search the Help Center, or submit a support request.
Advanced customizationBuilt-in code editor so you can customize Help Center with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.
CommunityStart a community discussion to gather feedback and ideas, and help customers help one another.
Host mappingHost mapping enables you to use your own subdomain, such as This allows you to route users from a company page to your Zendesk automatically. To display your own domain such as on your Zendesk site, you will need SSL (Plus plan and up).
Multi-lingual content managementEnable multiple languages in your Help Center and easily manage all your multi-lingual content in one place.
Internal knowledge baseCreate an internal knowledge base for your agents only so they can self-serve too; store internal articles and document processes.
Custom user and organization fieldsCapture customer information in user and organization fields. Set customer-centric workflows around these fields.
Customer listsKnow who your customers are outside of a support ticket. Organize your customers into lists based on tags and user fields.
Zendesk for MailChimpKeep your customers up-to-date by sending proactive emails with MailChimp to a targeted Zendesk customer list.
Zendesk for SurveyMonkeyGather feedback and ideas by sending a survey with SurveyMonkey to a targeted Zendesk customer list.
Customer satisfaction ratingsAutomatically offer your customers the ability to rate the support they received on a ticket.
Zendesk BenchmarkCompare yourself against your peers on key benchmark metrics like customer satisfaction, first response time, and ticket volume.
Reporting dashboardsGet visibility into ticket volume, customer satisfaction, and agent performance with KPI dashboards.
iPad app optimized for reportingView an interactive reporting dashboard built natively for the iPad app.
Time trackingThe Time Tracking app captures the time your agents spend on every ticket, so managing your team’s performance and overall support operations is easier.
InsightsInteract, filter, and drill into over 50 best practice reports to measure operational efficiency, agent performance, and customer experience. Slice data how you need and build powerful custom reports.
Advanced report managementShare Insights reports with others ad hoc, or schedule reports to be sent regularly. Zendesk activity is synced daily or hourly depending on plan type.
Daily Hourly
SSL encryptionSSL encryption for users and customers connecting to your Zendesk.
EU Safe Harbor ComplianceCertified with the U.S. Department of Commerce for its compliance with EU-US and Swiss-US Safe Harbor principles.
Agent device managementZendesk tracks the devices used to access your Zendesk account. Admins will receive an email notification when a new device is added.
Single sign-on (SSO)Provide SSO integration with your existing identity management system (Active Directory). Zendesk SSO relies on a technology called JSON Web Token (JWT) or SAML for securing the exchange of user authentication data.
SSL encryption for your custom domain; digitally signed emails (DKIM/DMARC)Enable SSL for your custom domain by uploading a certificate to your Zendesk. Send digitally-signed email messages for your custom domain to support the DKIM and DMARC standards.
Sandbox test environmentPerform tests on your Zendesk in a trial environment, separate from your production instance.
Network access restrictionOnly allow access to your help desk from specified IP ranges. Choose to apply restriction to all users or only to the agent portal.
European data centre optionRequest your Zendesk data to be stored in our Dublin data centre.
Custom roles and permissionsSpecify granular permissions for agents, and control what they have access to in Zendesk.
Audit logsView a detailed list of critical changes that have been made to your Zendesk.
Email compliance archiveSend all Zendesk email notifications privately to an address of your choice, keeping a complete archive of communication.
Attachment limitsAttach files to your Zendesk tickets.
1MB 7MB 20MB 20MB
Third party apps & integrations (Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, JIRA)Zendesk plugs into 100+ apps and integrations so you can unite your business by integrating your favorite tools.
See all See all See all See all
REST, Email, Javascript APIVisit for more details.
FULL TECH SPECS View specs View specs View specs View specs