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Gengo is a convenient and affordable human translation service which provides high quality translations for global businesses. As the product became more and more widely-used, they began to experience explosive growth, which lead to challenges when supporting customers. This made it obvious to them that a customer support solution should be put in place.

Scalability was a key factor when choosing their help desk software. The solution had to have the ability to grow with the company’s increasing support needs. Since Gengo’s implementation of Zendesk, the company is now able to fully rely on their support desk as a key element to their product – Zendesk’s flexibility and reliability hasn’t let them down! As Robert Laing, CEO of Gengo points out, “we’ve never had a customer complaining about our customer support system”.

With a 24×7 operation, customer support is key

Gengo has a distributed pool of 3000 translators spread throughout the world. Having people operating across so many timezones introduces real challenges for the Gengo customer support team – especially when translation services are time-critical. In such a high-pressure industry, customer support is a key factor in meeting customer expectations and a good support desk application is key to this. “Zendesk is critical to managing this complex area,” says Laing. “When using email to run your support processes, it’s very easy to lose a ticket, and that could lead to losing the customer. With Zendesk, it’s almost impossible to have something fall through the cracks.”

Tim Wong, head of support at Gengo adds, “I like how ticket views give you visibility into how many tickets you have in the different stages. This makes it really easy to manage them and make sure customers get timely answers.”

Zendesk’s flexibility lets Gengo scale without constraints

Gengo has made extensive use of the Zendesk API to bake support directly into their product. This means that customers can submits tickets directly from within the Gengo application. This flexibility has also allowed them to automate many processes and save them valuable time to focus on the more challenging support requests.

Their high-touch support approach has inevitably caused them to hire more support agents, but the flexibility of Zendesk has made this easy. Adding these new users has also been simplified because of Zendesk’s intuitive user interface. “It’s a very quick learning curve for every new customer support agent we add,” says Wong. “In a matter of 20 minutes they are ready to use the product and can focus fully on our customers.”

Multilingual support is the “killer feature”

For a company that is involved in translation services, having multilingual support was a non-negotiable requirement when choosing Gengo’s customer support software. “One of the core reasons we went for Zendesk was their multilingual capabilities,” explains Laing. “We could begin with only a few agents and add people as we go along, but multi-language support had to be in place from the get-go.”

In addition, given the wide geographic spread of their customer base, it is no surprise that Gengo receives a large proportion of its support tickets in languages other than English. Responding to a customer in the same language that their ticket was submitted is critical to Gengo. “If someone submits a ticket in Japanese, they should always get an automated reply in Japanese when confirming their ticket has been received,” says Laing. “The fact that Zendesk gives gengo the opportunity to do that out-of-the-box was a key factor in our decision.”

Analytics help Gengo track their metrics

Gengo also takes advantage of the integration between GoodData and Zendesk to get instant insights into their support team’s performance, through more than 20 out-of-the-box reports and dashboards. “These reports give us an overall picture in a visual manner, which is very easy to digest,” says Laing. “We can immediately see if we are improving with our response times, or pin point areas that we are having trouble in, as well as ones in which we are excelling.”

Wong adds that the visual nature of this information can really trigger support agents to continue improving on their performance. “When our team all have access to that data we can be a bit competitive with ourselves, and try to beat our numbers from week to week” he says, “It encourages the team to always be improving.”

Customer Satisfaction Ratings are a great feedback mechanism

Gengo also takes advantage of Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Rating feature to gain valuable insights into the quality of support they are providing to their customers.”Before, we didn’t really know if a customer was happy with the way we solved a ticket,” Laing explains. “With Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Ratings we can instantly engage with customers who are unsatisfied with a support interaction, and help mend that; or learn from our mistakes and figure out what we could do better next time.”



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