How to conquer your fear of phone support

Phone support is the black sheep of today's multichannel support world. Poorly trained staff, misguided processes and confusing phone systems have eroded the user experience and given phone support the reputation of being irritating and ineffective for consumers.

However, research shows that consumers prefer phone calls to other channels because they feel acknowledged and receive faster resolution. Yet in spite of the studies, many small and medium businesses (SMBs) have shied away from offering phone support because complex legacy phone systems require expensive hardware and lengthy professional setup, and are tough to scale as business and support needs grow. They've yet to realize the truth &emdash; that advances in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology are making phone systems far more affordable and easier to set up and manage.

In short, phone support is a vital and practical part of a multichannel support strategy.

This paper touches on common misconceptions around phone support and delves into the surprising research that shows why it's so important for SMBs. It then describes how to implement a call center in minutes, using an integrated VoIP system, and covers best practices for tracking and analyzing phone support effectiveness.

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