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What is Chatlayer.ai?

Chatlayer.ai is an easy to use conversational AI platform that lets you build and maintain large bots, no coding required. Our Natural Language Processing algorithms can understand more than 100 languages out of the box, even if you only trained your bot in just 1 language.

How do Zendesk Chat and Chatlayer.ai connect?

This integration connects your Chatlayer.ai bot directly to Zendesk Chat. Chatlayer.ai bots are often used to answer repetitive questions, or to collect data that's required for an agent to help customers faster. As soon as the bot has done it's thing, the conversation will be seamlessly handed over to a Zendesk Chat agent, allowing them to pick up where the bot left off. The Zendesk Chat agent can see the history of the conversation between the bot and the customer, and the customer overview is pre-filled with data gathered in the bot.

The Zendesk Chat integration with Chatlayer.ai is only available for companies on the Zendesk Chat Enterprise plan.

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