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AI-powered customer service chatbot - #1 bot to agent handoff

Ada Glass: Provide an industry-leading handoff

With Ada Glass, existing Zendesk customers can deploy a 24/7 multilingual instant chatbot as the first-line of customer service that solves more than 70% of inquiries. So much more than an FAQ bot, with Ada, customers can search, update account information, receive real-time updates, make bookings, and even process payments - all on their own, and in 100+ languages.

Don’t disrupt the customer journey: After a customer requests to speak with a human, Ada instantly connects them with a Zendesk live agent directly within the same chat interface. The agent can transition in and out of the conversation easily, without hindering conversation flow.

Empower your people: When a customer asks for live assistance, the agent is provided with historical account information and chat context that helps them both save time and better serve the customer.

Strategically route requests: Ada ensures the right agent is directed to the appropriate chat and customer inquiry based on department, interest, and need. When agents are offline, the customer receives a personalized message or, if agents are at capacity, the customer enters queue.

**To note, Ada is not free of charge. Please reach out to for more information about pricing models.*

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