Scale your support team using an AI powered chatbot inside Zendesk Chat.


Scale support using a virtual agent

To add a virtual agent that can answer to frequent customer requests, you first need to create an account: Create an account on Botmind.

The Botmind app for Zendesk Chat will make it easy to add a virtual agent to your team to automatically respond to frequent live chat user requests. No coding skill is required to install and use Botmind.

You need to create a Botmind account to use the Botmind app for Zendesk Chat. Please visit for more information and register here. Once you signed up, you'll be able to import your conversation history.

Installation steps * Create a new Zendesk Chat account that will be used by the virtual agent * Create an API client for Botmind and store Client ID and Client Secret as described in this tutorial * Login to your Botmind dashboard * Create a new Zendesk Chat project * Connect Botmind and Zendesk accounts following a step-by-step secure OAuth process: Enter your API Client ID and Client Secret, then click on the "Connect Botmind and Zendesk Chat" link and finally allow Botmind to access your Zendesk Chat data. * Define automatic responses for your virtual agent * Scale your support team!

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