Scale your support team using an AI powered chatbot inside Zendesk Chat.


How Botmind works

Botmind is a unique virtual agent solution leveraging artificial intelligence and allowing e-merchants to automate up to 45% of their customer support.

Botmind's virtual agent is added as a new agent in Zendesk (Chat). Receiving all incoming requests, it is able to provide answers to all the frequently asked and time-consuming questions. When receiving a question that can’t or shouldn’t be automated the virtual agent will leave it to the connected support agents able to provide an answer.

There are no changes in terms of process for your team and the integration is extremely simple. All the conversations history remains on Zendesk and precise stats will be available regarding the bot automation and suggestions for future automation.

The Botmind app for Zendesk is only available for companies using the Zendesk Enterprise Plan for the live chat or on the Suite bundle.

A few numbers

  • Satisfaction increased by 26% on average 🏆
  • Costs reduced by 50% minimum ✅
  • Better customer support team empowerment 💙

Scale support using a virtual agent

To add a virtual agent that can answer to frequent customer requests, you first need to create an account: Create an account on Botmind.

The Botmind app for Zendesk Chat will make it easy to add a virtual agent to your team to automatically respond to frequent live chat user requests. No coding skill is required to install and use Botmind.

Installation process

The installation process is simple and takes less than a few minutes, no coding skill is required to install and use Botmind. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Step 1 Create your account on

  • Step 2 After signing up, you will be redirected to the staging page where you have to fill information like Project Name, Industry, and Live chat configuration.

  • Step 3 If you wish to generate your User Secret click on the Help button and follow the steps mentioned in it.

  • Step 4 Now that you have received your User ID and User Secret enter them in their respective fields and click on Confirm. You also have the option to add Zendesk Sub-Domain.

After clicking on Confirm you will be redirected to your Zendesk account where you can allow Botmind on your account.

After creating an account, you can schedule an e-meeting

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