The only customer support chatbot you can launch yourself in minutes!



The only customer support chatbot you can launch yourself in minutes!

Just sign up & automate!

No onboarding... No setup fees... No meetings... No project planning... No AI training... None of that...

SuggestionsAI finds YOUR recurring topics

You just add the answers. Rest is history. Thats it. Youre done!

Plenty of Extras

Analytics to keep track of the bot. Ongoing Suggestions to keep it fresh. Automatic Handoff to up the quality.

7-day FREE trial included

Installation instruction

  1. Connect — You can find a full step-by-step guide for connecting Zendesk to ChatCreate here:
  2. Automate — SuggestionsAI will find YOUR recurring topics, you just add the answers. You don`t have to do them all at once.
  3. Monitor — That`s it! You can keep track of the bot and see how well it behaves

Detailed explanations:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Click on Connect in the top navbar
  3. Choose Zendesk from the sidebar as your channel
  4. Now in a different tab, open up the Zendesk Chat product
  5. Find Settings->Account from the lefthand sidebar
  6. From there, find API & SDKs from the top navigation
  7. Click on Add API client button
  8. Add your company name to the Client name and Company fields
  9. Now open up the ChatCreate tab and copy the Zendesk Redirect URI value
  10. Now go back to the Zendesk Chat tab, paste the url you just copied into the Redirect URLs field
  11. Click Create API client below the form
  12. From there, copy the Zendesk Client ID and Client Secret to the respective fields in ChatCreate
  13. To fill the subdomain field, open up the Zendesk tab, look at the url, and copy the string between https:// and from the URL — this is your Zendesk subdomain
  14. Click Connect
  15. If you entered everything correctly, ChatCreate will show you a success message and in the background, your Chat History will be analysed and Suggestions will shortly appear under the Automate link.
  16. Once you see Suggestions under Automate, you can start adding responses. You don`t have to add them all at once, you can for example only add the first 2-3 Suggestions and still turn on the bot.
  17. To turn on the bot, go to Connect and click Activate Bot
  18. That`s it!

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