Chattermill for Chat

Chattermill for Chat

Get actionable insights from customer feedback.

Struggling to make sense of your customer conversations and take action? With Chattermill your whole team gets instant access to insights hidden in customer conversations. Chattermill uses cutting-edge AI to give your team real-time insight into what your customers are saying, giving you the power to create superior products and deliver exceptional service.

Chattermill helps with:

  • Aggregate all your customer feedback and conversations in one place with dozens of prebuilt integrations
  • Understand chat topics / reasons for contact
  • Sentiment for each of the topic discussed
  • Advanced CX reporting with completely customisable dashboards
  • CX Automation (eg. create Zendesk tickets for NPS detractors, send a Slack message when a chat mentions a topic)
  • Advanced anomaly detection and alerting for topics and sentiment

Leading companies use Chattermill to find patterns in Zendesk data, pass the right insight to the right team and add intelligence and automation to their customer experience.

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App Details

  • Author: Chattermill Analytics Limited
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
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