Cx Moments AI for Zendesk Chat

Cx Moments AI for Zendesk Chat

Automatically categorize & trend Zendesk chats and analyze customer sentiment


Instant insights from your Zendesk Support tickets and chats: quickly discover what bothers your customers the most and decide what you should fix first.

  • In just a few clicks, categorize and trend 10,000's of customer support tickets and chats.

  • Automatically trend the key reasons to contact and see how often customer issues, bugs, products or competitors are mentioned.

  • Add or modify as many topics as you need to build the most granular view of your customer conversations.

  • With Cx Moments sentiment analysis, discover which topics drive the worst sentiment.

  • Detect which topics drive the worst CSAT or NPS ratings.

  • Correlate topics together to understand the root cause of your customer issues.

  • See how frequently products or features are mentioned by your customers, and share these feedback with your Product team in just 2 clicks.

  • Cx Moments AI Alerts will alert you when specific keywords or complaints spike unexpectedly in your customer conversations.

Try Cx Moments now by starting a free trial here!

How to connect Zendesk Chat to Cx MOMENTS:

  1. Start your free Cx MOMENTS trial here.

  2. Log in your Cx MOMENTS portal and select Zendesk Chat as Source data .

  3. Enter your Zendesk domain and click on CONNECT TO ZENDESK CHAT .

  4. Login to your own Zendesk instance and click Authorise Cx MOMENTS to read your chats.

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