Google+ Hangouts

Improve your agent-to-agent collaboration

Zendesk Google+ Hangouts App Screenshot
Zendesk Google+ Hangouts App Screenshot


  • Solve tickets faster by collaborating with other agents
  • Easily start a hangout from within Zendesk
  • Link a ticket to a live Google+ Hangouts conversation

Sometimes a face-to-face conversation is the quickest way to solve a problem. So, we’ve made it easy for your support team to start conversations among themselves using Google+ Hangouts.

If you’re already using Google Apps for Business, you’re probably a heavy user of Google+ Hangouts. Sometimes your agents want to initiate a live conversation together, discuss a specific ticket or issue, and come up with a resolution plan together as a team.

Zendesk integrated with Google+ Hangouts to make that easier for you. In a single click on the right side of your tickets, you can initiate a hangout and choose from a list of your agents.

How to install

To install the Google+ Hangouts app:

1) Sign in to your Zendesk, then click the Admin icon in the sidebar.

2) Select Marketplace under Apps, then find the Google+ Hangouts app and click the tile.

3) On the Google+ Hangouts app page, click Install app in the upper-right corner.

4) Enter a name for the app, then click Install.