Up to +60% of appointments booked by email.Free appointment scheduling software.

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Increase up to 60% your number of appointments by email

As a Sales person, are you looking to optimize your appointment booking by email to save time, energy and money?

Free (for life) online appointment scheduling solution

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Our revolutionary plugin allows your recipients to book appointments directly in a single email, without having to leave their inbox. Your calendar is integrated in the email and your availability is automatically updated each time the email is opened.

Our software makes appointment scheduling as easy as possible.

An interactive email reducing 100% of the friction

Current email appointment scheduling solutions are designed to reduce friction without completely eliminating it. You insert a link in your email. Your recipient clicks on this link to be redirected to a new web page where they have access to your available slots and make an appointment.

At Lodago, we go one step further in optimizing the process.

Unlike existing scheduling tools, the whole process happens inside the email: calendar, updated availability, choice of slot and appointment confirmation.

An innovative tool to boost your productivity

  • Up to 60% increase in the number of appointments- No more back and forth email exchanges to agree on a time slot- Save time and energy- More appointments means more money

Email calendar available for over 1.7 billion active users

The email-integrated calendar is available for your customers who have a Gmail, G Suite and Yahoo email address (+1.7 billion active users)! Soon, it will be available for your customers who have an Outlook address.

Your customers with addresses that cannot use the calendar embedded in the email will automatically receive a version of the email containing a link. This link redirects to a web page with your updated calendar and availabilities to make an appointment.

Key features:

Email-integrated calendar for recipients with Gmail, G Suite and Yahoo email addresses (1.7 billion active users) In-email booking link for customers with addresses that cannot use the in-email calendar Booking link in your email signature Booking link for your website

Essential features:

Emails with multiple recipients Set your availability in a few clicks Your calendar availabilities are displayed in the time zone of your recipient Your recipient receives a reminder of their appointment by email You receive an email notification from your calendar for each new appointment booked


A calendar available in all languages A confirmation message sent in any language Installation of the plugin available in English and French


Connect your Google Calendar, Office 365 or Outlook Calendar Connect your video conferencing tool Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet

Free for life

Stand out from the competition!

Sign up now from our website to increase your number of appointments by up to 60% today!

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