Create Support Ticket

Create Support Ticket

Easily create a Zendesk Support ticket on behalf of a lead or contact.


Create Support Ticket allows a Sell user to quickly and easily create a Zendesk Support ticket on behalf of a lead or contact.

Sales requests can often include questions that are better answered by your Support team. With the Create Support Ticket app, you can quickly create a ticket in Zendesk Support on behalf of your contact!

From within the application, add a subject and description of the problem, and a ticket will be created proactively for your customer!

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The application needs to be able to call the Zendesk API on your behalf. In order to to this, you will need to provide the login email of an active Support Admin user, and an API token.

  • Support Admin Email: The login email address for an active admin in your Support Zendesk instance. This can be the login email address of any admin, as long as the user is active in Support.
  • Zendesk API Token: The token is necessary to perform API calls, in order for the application to create users in Zendesk. Only Admin users can create API tokens. To create a token, please follow these steps:
  • Open Admin options on your Zendesk Instance (Gear icon at the left of the screen on your Support instance).
  • Open API settings under Channels section.
  • Enable Token Access if disabled.
  • Click on the Plus (+) button under Active API Tokens section to create a new API Token.
  • Enter a descriptive name (for instance: Token for Create Support Ticket application)
  • Copy the displayed token (by pressing on the copy button), and click save. Be sure to store the API Token on a secure place. Token will not be displayed again after saving.
  • Use the created token as the Zendesk API Token. For additional information on how to create an API token, please refer:

App Details

  • Author: 729 Solutions
  • Price: $0.50 per agent, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Sell account.

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