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Ask your customers for 0-10 scores on each ticket.

"Understanding both the service level provided and being able to ask an NPS question at the same time has been invaluable for us!" -- Shaun Wilton, Group Manager Customer Service, Carsales

"This app is fantastic! It’s empowered us with NPS reporting that we needed for delivering a better customer experience." -- Judd Manley-Breen, General Manager - Operations & IT, Star21

Instead of asking requesters to rate each ticket with a question where the options are limited to 'good' or 'bad', the Survey app allows you to ask your requester to rate agent performance with a 0-10 rating instead.

You're also able to ask the requester a second NPS® question where they can rate your organization from 0-10.

The 0-10 responses allow you to gather data about how your support team and organization are doing in much higher fidelity than the native CSAT surveys.

Surveys can be branded with your logo, colour and domain mapping.

Answering an example survey:

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Once a survey has been responded to, from an agents perspective in Zendesk, they'll be able to see the results on the right of the ticket.

One option within the app is to convert the 0-10 response of the first question into a satisfaction score. This means that if you have existing CSAT reports setup, you'll be able to continue using them, in addition to the new data recorded by the app.

What an agent sees on a ticket after a survey is responded to:

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At the point a survey is responded, a tag corresponding the scores given will be added to the ticket. This allows you to build workflows using Zendesk triggers in order to escalate tickets with bad scores or highlight the ones with great scores.

Data recorded by the survey app is easily digestible with drillable in-app reports and an ability to view a full history of responses.

A sample of in-app reports:

Gif of a reminder being created


  • More granular satisfaction data without compromising the response rate.
  • Ask an optional *NPS® question on the landing page.
  • View reports and drill down into the response detail and go directly to the ticket.
  • Data recorded on the ticket allows you to build additional reports in Zendesk Explore.
  • Access settings allow you to control who has access to reports.
  • View and download all survey responses in a CSV file.
  • Easy to set up, just replace the survey placeholder in your trigger or automation.
  • Customize the landing pages for each of your brands.
  • Translate or customize the wording of the survey landing page in any language.
  • Ticket tagging based on scores allows custom workflows to be built based on them.

The survey app does not store personally identifiable data of your customers.

*Net Promoter® and NPS® are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.

Built by SweetHawk. 14 day free trial included. Free for sandbox accounts.

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