GDPR Compliance

Application allows to easily process the user’s request about their data.

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Delete, forget and retrieve personal data in response to any data privacy regulations. With our plugin, comply with:

  • GDPR;
  • CCPA;
  • PII;
  • LGPD;
  • APEC;
  • CBPR;
  • HIPAA;
  • PCI.

GDPR Compliance is what you need to easily remove users from Zendesk Support; extract, anonymize, or remove consumer’s data from the help desk.

Here’s what you can do with the app:

  • Anonymize personal data but keep the essential records for business reports;
  • Download user and ticket data as a CSV file;
  • Permanently and completely remove customers’ data from your Zendesk account;
  • Create Automations for user and ticket lists;
  • Schedule GDPR processes;
  • Redact data for both lists and individual users;
  • Control agent permissions to start GDPR processes;
  • Analyze the performance with detailed reporting;
  • Select which user/ticket fields are processed during the deletion and anonymization.

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Breakdown of possibilities with GDPR Compliance

Anonymize sensitive information

Remove person identification details like first and last names, birth dates, addresses, billing details, etc. but still track the information that is important for proper reporting and statistics. It’s super simple if you select specific fields to anonymize in the settings tab.

Anonymize customer and ticket info

Download user- and ticket-related information

In a matter of a couple of clicks, you’ll have the information about the customer and the tickets they raised packed into CSV files that you can easily send to the person that submitted the request. The app also allows downloading attachments if necessary.

Retrieve custom data in zendesk

Delete data in bulk and individually

Build user/ticket lists or select specific users to remove their data forever. It is also possible to choose which information should be deleted. Process on demand deletion requests in a few clicks.

Delete customer data in zendesk

Schedule the processes

Want to plan the processes in advance? Just select the needed list, type of process, date and time for your process to set off. You can also make automations repetitive, choosing the repetition time frame and end date.

Automated gdpr processes

Analyze the performance effectively

GDPR Compliance combines your data into accurate reports so that you can analyze all processed requests. By the way, the reports can be filtered by Agents, Groups, and dates. Helping you keep the results in mind for constant business development.


Go ahead and test the app! You are also welcome to rate it and share your personal impressions. We are sure your experience with GDPR Compliance will be enjoyable.

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