API Connect

Use API Connect to integrate all platforms with Zendesk!

Preview image of app
Preview image of app
Preview image of app

API Connect is the perfect application for you that wishes to integrate Zendesk with any platform.

When the app loads, it’ll appear an ‘Apply’ button(Aplicar), a number with an arrow beside it and the settings button.

When you click the arrow, it’ll show the data from the configured platform, such as address(Endereco), name(Nome) and URL.

If you want to fill the ticket form with those informations, just click the ‘Apply’ button.

After that, API Connect will fill the blanks on Zendesk ! By a simple method and without copy and paste !

Use API Connect to make integrations as quickly as you need!

Access our website https://bcrcx.com

Do you want to discover more BCR apps ? Access our page: https://www.zendesk.com.br/marketplace/partners/bcr-consultoria-zendesk-partners/?q=mkp_bcr

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Ticketing System
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Free 7-day trial, then $50.00 per month

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