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What Is Viewabo?

Viewabo provides a service that allows customer support agents to request access to smartphone cameras so that customers can send live-streamed video of issues without using an app, making it faster for agents to understand and resolve customer issues. Trying to understand and resolve difficult customer issues in email, chat, or over the phone is often frustrating for everyone. Not only could it take a long time to figure out what the issue is, but also the issue might not get resolved if agents can't see if customers are fixing it correctly.

Why Use Viewabo?

Reduce Customer Frustration

Customers want their issues resolved as fast as possible. By the time customers contact you, they are already frustrated. The longer it takes you to resolve their issue, the more frustrated the customer becomes.

Reduce Resolution Time

Half the time it's just figuring out what the issue is in the first place. The faster you can figure out what's wrong, the faster you can resolve the issue. This provides you with more time to help more customers.

Reduce Lost Business

Acquiring new customers is more expensive than keeping existing ones. Taking too long to resolve customer issues, or not resolving them at all, runs the risk of you losing that customer permanently.

How It Works:

  1. Send your customer a link from inside your Zendesk Support help desk.
  2. Your customer clicks to allow access to their rear-facing smartphone camera.
  3. Live video appears on your screen. Now you can see what your customer sees.
  4. Annotate, pause, or rotate the video stream to solve the problem faster.

Request 14-Day Free Trial

Contact us at hello@viewabo.com to request your 14-day free trial.

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