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84% of CS professionals say a 'unified view' of customer information is key to providing a great customer experience. The more information we have about our user base, the better we are able to support them. Offer your support team an easy way to check for package arrivals, returns, Guide activity and more.


The agent can see the products logged against this user. They have quite a few cameras and product extensions (e.g tripods, batteries, lenses etc). The agent even has the possibility to access the User manual to check for product features that clients are having trouble with. The search feature is a very powerful addition to the Zendesk Sunshine data base as agents can quickly search by product name or serial number to offer contextual assistance. Agents can also follow the other tickets that the client has logged in and easily navigate through them.

Add an asset

Ability for the agent to easily add a product that the client has bought but maybe not registered yet. The data is stored inside Zendesk. If your systems communicate seamlessly with Zendesk, the data introduced by the agent can instantly become available across all platforms. Hence the sales people will also know this information which might be useful in making the next sales recommending to the client. The agent can fill in the relevant data for the product that the client provides. They can add a serial number and a user manual.

Make it your own!

Every business is different so depending on your business field, model, internal organisation and flows, this app can vary and needs to match all your requirements. Make the app your own with custom brand guidelines.

Made by Dominic the CX guy

The app has been developed by dominiccx.com and I am your go to guy for anything CX around Zendesk. I don’t work alone, I have an amazing team I work with and I’d be happy to scope out whatever you might be looking for.

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