TheLoops upskills your agents with product context in a centralized view.

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Agents no longer need to Alt+Tab their way through a multitude of applications to resolve customer issues while frustration grows along with Average Hold Time.

Upskill Your Agents with a Complete, Contextualized View of Product Issues

TheLoops makes your support agents efficient by bringing together the signals from Zendesk, Slack, Amplitude, PagerDuty and analyzing them into a contextualized pane in your Zendesk Agent Workspace. With a complete picture of the issue, problems get quickly solved allowing agents to concentrate on empathizing with the customer.

TheLoops helps product support teams to:

  • Resolve complex product issues faster

  • Reduce escalations

  • Provide observability into customer operations

  • Take your customer experience to the next level

Easy-to-setup, Easy-to-use

TheLoops has a user friendly interface and can be set up without coding. It comes with over 25 integrations to the most commonly used applications by product support teams.

Optimize Customer Support Operations

TheLoops also gives managers additional visibility into what is going on within their support operations and how agents are resolving issues and the gaps within their knowledge.

Integrate with no coding. Contact us for your demo today!

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