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Swiftype makes it easy to integrate a powerful, customizable site search on your help center for Zendesk Guide users. With Swiftype, you can drag and drop to rearrange search results for individual queries, access detailed analytics on search behavior, and enable customer-friendly features such as autocomplete.

Customer support teams can leverage Swiftype analytics to strengthen their support center, custom ranking results for the most popular queries or identifying gaps in the documentation by looking at searches that return no results. From there, support teams can create support articles to fill these gaps, or add in results through Swiftype’s custom result ranking tool.

Swiftype Site Search enables you to:

  • Activate great search in minutes -- No technical integration required. Customize your search without engineering support.
  • Customize search results -- Drag-and-drop the search results to re-order them to your liking. You can also hide irrelevant results.
  • Explore detailed analytics -- Get insight into what users are searching for and expand your content to effectively answer their questions.
  • Add customer friendly features -- Autocomplete enables customers to find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction and support goals -- Provide a search experience that intelligently displays results and significantly reduces the number of inbound support tickets.

Advanced out-of-the-box features include spell correction, synonyms, facets and filtering and other powerful capabilities.

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