Chatbots powered by AI for your customer support



Ada: Personalized customer experiences at scale, powered by AI.

Support teams can reduce 60% of their ticket and call volume with Ada's artificial intelligence to answer customers instantly.

  • Offer 24/7 customer support
  • Answer customer questions instantly
  • Increase agent productivity by 60%+
  • Understand your customers with rich analytics
  • Inject self-learning AI to your support workflow
  • Setup is quick and easy
  • Designed for non-technical teams

Your team can edit responses in real-time without any technical experience, view rich analytics, glean customer insights, and choose which issues are routed to your Zendesk inbox.

Ada for Zendesk

Respond to your customers who request help from an agent with full context and conversation history right from your Zendesk inbox. Your customers will get answers faster, freeing up your agents to spend more with high value customers and solving complex issues.

Get a free demo to see how you can improve your support.

Current Ada Customer Instructions:

  1. Go to the Handoff section of the Settings tab
  2. Toggle Zendesk Handoff card on.
  3. Put in your API Token (generated from your Zendesk account), your Zendek user email, and your company Zendesk's subdomain name
  4. Click Add Integration to automatically create Zendesk tickets on handoff
  5. Add Zendesk Handoff to Answers that you'd like to escalate to your Zendesk inbox

New Ada Customers Instructions:

  1. Click 'Setup' to get a personalized demo and pricing information
  2. Start answering your customer's questions instantly and saving agent time today

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