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AI-powered customer service chatbot - seamless bot to ticket handoff

Discover why industry leaders are automating with Ada.

Ada’s AI-powered platform enables your non-technical support team to automate more than 70% of customer inquiries to boost live-agent productivity by 5x, and save up to 1/3 of your support costs. So much more than an FAQ bot, with Ada, customers can search, update account information, receive real-time updates, make bookings, and even process payments - all on their own.

Enable seamless escalation from bot to live agent

After a customer requests to speak with a human, a new ticket is instantly created inside Zendesk. The full chat history is shared with the agent to begin supporting the customer immediately - saving agents and customers both time and frustration.

Activate sought-after channels

Be available 24/7 by introducing automation across digital channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and on your website and applications.

Launch a branded bot in weeks

Set up in days and edit responses in real-time, without any dependence on technical resources.

Provide multilingual support

Speak every customer’s language by building your library of bot content in one language and automatically translate to 100+.

Personalize every conversation

Engage customers with proactive content tailored to their account information, interests, and intent.

**To note, Ada is not free of charge. Please reach out to for more information about pricing models.*

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