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Empower your agents with smart suggestions and in-context assistance

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Help your customer support agents work faster and smarter with contextual sentence auto-complete, reply suggestions and knowledge assist. No upfront investment required. Works out of the box, no need to spend weeks training complex AI models.

Benefits to your team

  • ​Reduce repetitive typing while keeping a consistent tone, matching your brand style.

  • Boost agents productivity and reduce average handling times

  • Improve utilization of macros and knowledge base articles

  • Increase support capacity and improve customer satisfaction


  • Sentence autocomplete: your team will type faster than the speed of light with suggested completions of sentences that are relevant and personalised

  • Smart reply suggestions: contextually suggest relevant macros and replies to a given customer message. No macros? No problem! Agent Helper goes far beyond macros by picking up patterns in how your agents responded in the past and constructing relevant reply suggestions

  • Instant macro apply: one-click apply of a suggested macro or reply, no copy and paste needed

  • Articles suggestions: view list of articles that helped similar queries in the past

  • Quick macro and article search: instantly find the most appropriate macros or KB articles to use

  • Related tickets (coming soon): not sure how to solve a new ticket? How about checking old tickets that successfully resolved similar issues in the past? Agent Helper uses outcome indicators such as customer sentiment and satisfaction to suggest the most appropriate tickets.

How it works

Swifteq is leveraging Artificial Intelligence and unsupervised machine learning to automatically detect message-reply patterns in your historical helpdesk conversations. These patterns are then used to make intelligent suggestions to customer service agents based on what the customers are actually saying.

Very easy to get started, only takes few minutes on your side. The activation and AI process is automatic and takes up to 1 hour. See installation instructions for a step-by-step guide.

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  • No up-front investment.

  • Works out of the box for teams of all sizes.

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