A virtual agent solution for automatic customer service on digital channels



AgentBot is an automated virtual agent solution that allows you to interact with your customers across multiple channels, with no waiting time, 24/7, 365 days per year.

Agentbot has an intelligent, natural-language engine which interprets user questions and gives them the best answer. In addition, it understands grammatical/typographical errors, regionalisms, memory and the many ways of asking the same question.

AgentBot answers in real time using an interactive window that helps your customers get the right answer with dynamic add-ons such as showing a video or an image,co-browsing navigation, or simply integrating with other solutions to offer personal assistance such as bill payment or tracking orders.

AgentBot reduces customer support costs and allows you to learn from your clients. Use the Analytic tool to track key metrics and unveil user behaviors. Get a deeper understanding of what your clients are saying, doing, and needing right at your fingertips! With only one click you know exactly what to add and/or modify to provide an enhanced customer support experience.

With the Zendesk integration, create forms and use them as a complement to your answers to gather clients’ information, create new tickets or make follow ups, all in the same automated chat session. Give your customer an integrated self-service experience and increase the first contact resolution level.

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To set up the integration you must have AgentBot running (

  1. Sign in to your AgentBot Platform, then click the integration option from the menu
  2. Select the Zendesk Platform and click connect
  3. Add your Zendesk account data: user e-mail, token and URL
  4. Done! Both tools will be working together. You are ready to start creating forms and attaching them to a particular answer to give an enhanced customer support.

Once you complete this process you will receive an email with more information.

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  • Author: Aivo
  • Support: Email
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