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AgentBot for Support

AgentBot is a virtual assistant for automatic customer support solutions with Artificial Intelligence. It utilizes natural language understanding, neural networks, and machine learning to interact with customers and provide an Omni-channel customer support experience.

AgentBot can be integrated with leading CRM and legacy systems to access customer interaction data and is capable of detecting opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. AgentBot also understands customer intent and interacts with an AI conversational engine technology across different text or voice channels.

AgentBot reduces customer support costs and allows you to learn from your clients. Use the Analytics tool to track key metrics and recognize user behaviors. Get a deeper understanding of what your clients say, do and need right at your fingertips! With only one click you know exactly what to add and/or modify to provide an enhanced customer support experience.

## AgentBot for Chat

By integrating your Zendesk Chat account with AgentBot, you can combine the best of automatic and human services. By creating your own referring rules, you can transfer the AgentBot conversation to a human agent for more complex questions (second level) that require the assistance of a specialist.

  • It does not require technical intervention; integration is set up directly from the AgentBot administration platform

  • Rules can be generated in the answers to refer to a human agent

  • AgentBot understands the intention of the client, refers him/her and opens the Zendesk Chat window

  • AgentBot sends the human agent the previous conversation with the virtual assistant

Watch how it works in this video

Give your customer an integrated self-service experience and increase the first contact resolution level. Find out more at: and

How to setup

To set up the integration you must have AgentBot running. It does not require technical intervention; integration is set up directly from the AgentBot administration platform.

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