AnswerWise - AI Powered Customer Service

AnswerWise - AI Powered Customer Service

Automate your customer support to enable instant resolutions for your customers.

AnswerWise is an AI platform that automates your customer support with a Human + AI approach, leading to lightning fast ticket resolutions and significantly better customer experience.

With the AnswerWise app for Zendesk, you can: Automatically resolve repetitive support queries and save your agents time. Provide faster issue resolutions for your customers 24*7. Improve customer experience and reduce overall cost of customer service.

Key features of AnswerWise include: Powerful conversational flow builder: Simple yet powerful flow builder that allows you to quickly design conversations that resolve maximum support queries. AI-assisted training: Machine intelligence applied to bot performance optimization helps reduce time taken to train and improve your bot up to 80%. Seamless handoff: Complex queries are seamlessly handed off to your support agents ensuring no issue is left unresolved.

To start using AnswerWise on Zendesk, please get in touch with our team at You can also request for a demo on our website:

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