Automatically post your mobile app reviews to Zendesk & reply faster than ever

Automatically post mobile app reviews to Zendesk to make listening and responding to your app users easier than ever before.

Appbot supports the iTunes, Google Play, Amazon & Windows Phone app stores, making your reviews from all stores conveniently accessible in Zendesk.

Connecting Appbot & Zendesk allows you to:

  • Post some or all of your app reviews into your Zendesk
  • Identify & respond to the most important reviews first using tags automatically added by Appbot, like star rating or version
  • Use Zendesk triggers to automatically assign reviews to the right people in your team
  • Reply to Google Play reviews faster than ever, with Quick Reply links
  • Choose to receive your reviews in a single batch daily, or as a continuous feed

Outside Zendesk, your Appbot account also gives you:

  • Advanced sentiment analysis of your app reviews to help you track how users feel about your app over time
  • Topics analysis tools to show you what themes are appearing in your reviews and help you to keep your roadmap relevant.

Appbot is trusted by the world’s top app developers, and used by over 50,000 apps worldwide.

Integration with Zendesk is available during a 14-day free trial of Appbot, and no credit card is required to get started.

If you are not already an Appbot customer you’ll need to sign up at You'll be automatically given a 14-day free trial of the Growth plan.

Then follow these steps - it takes less than 5 minutes:

  1. After sign up you’ll be guided through the process of tracking your apps in your Appbot account.
  2. Once you have added your apps, us the navigation at the top of the page to go to the Apps page in your Appbot account.
  3. Select the Zendesk link just below the name of that app. You’ll be taken to the Zendesk set up page.
  4. Enter your Zendesk subdomain and decide whether you want to send all reviews or just those with a particular star rating to Zendesk. Click “Save & Authorize”.
  5. You’ll be asked to allow Appbot to access your Zendesk account. Click Allow.

The next time Appbot fetches reviews for the app you chose they’ll be delivered to your Zendesk account. To get your reviews sent continuously, go to the Apps page and update the frequency dropdown to “Continuous”.

Just repeat the process for any other apps you want to manage through Zendesk.

You can also read the complete installation instructions at

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