AppGuru by LogMeIn

AppGuru by LogMeIn

The comprehensive cloud app management solution for IT

AppGuru empowers businesses to securely embrace the app-centric world.

As more cloud apps are introduced into the workplace, businesses can lose oversight of how their information is being used. AppGuru is designed to help IT professionals embrace, secure and manage this new reality.

  • Centrally manage business and personal productivity cloud apps
  • One-click user provisioning and deprovisioning as employees come and go from the company
  • Create and manage user identities in a single cloud directory
  • Enforce policies to control app-level security and features
  1. Go to and create a new account
  2. To manage Zendesk and other cloud apps in the "App Catalog" go to Manage>Apps and click on the app of your choice.
  3. Click "Add App" and then "Authorize AppGuru for this app"
  4. Enter your login in credentials for that app and start managing it using AppGuru.

App Details

  • Author: Gus Shlimbaum
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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