Base CRM

Base CRM

Unify sales and support with Base and Zendesk.


Base (a Zendesk company) is a modern, easy-to-use sales force automation software designed to help salespeople do their jobs more effectively. This app allows you to enable an optimal customer experience with Zendesk and Base through increased visibility into sales and support activities and collaboration.

Combining the power of Base sales force automation and Zendesk customer support enables sales and support teams to:

Sell smarter

The Base and Zendesk integration displays Zendesk tickets directly in Base on related contacts, accounts and deals. Base highlights and summarizes open tickets so your sales team always has full visibility into a customer's current sentiment and experience.

Maintain context

In addition to all communication, notes and tasks, Base keeps a full record of Zendesk tickets relating to an account, contact or deal that is easily sortable. With this comprehensive history of record, your sales team can easily understand the past context of an account, contact or deal.


With one click, sales teams can access additional ticket information directly in Zendesk and work together with support to quickly reach a resolution.

Delight customers

The Base to Zendesk app displays relevant contact and deal information from Base on support tickets in Zendesk allowing your support team to quickly prioritize their time and provide contextual support. Learn more about the Base and Zendesk integration and Base App in Zendesk.

App requirements

This app can be connected to any Base account, regardless of subscription. You’ll need to have admin privileges in Base to complete app installation. This app will allow you to see Base sales information within Zendesk.

Completing installation

  • After installing the app in your Zendesk account, navigate to any ticket view to see the app.
  • Click “Connect to Base”. If you’re not yet logged in to Base, you will be asked to do so. Make sure to log in using an admin account
  • Click “Connect” in Base. This will complete the app installation process.
  • Reload your Zendesk ticket view. You should now see contact information from Base directly in Zendesk.

For additional info refer to support article.

See Zendesk Tickets In Base

Tighten the bond between support and sales by syncing Zendesk tickets into Base. This is an additional integration that can be enabled from Base settings. Click here for more information.

App Details

  • Author: Base
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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