Shows Billbee customer and orderdata in your helpdesk.

Providing custom solutions for data integration and combination of systems is my mission.

The Billbeedata App helps you getting things sorted out more quickly, when using Billbee as your multichannel seller solution. By using the official Billbee API, all informations comes directly from the primary source of your order information.


  • Direct access to customer summary by using the e-mail-address of a customer
  • Overview over orders and orderdetails
  • Display of order positions
  • Display of order history
  • List of payments
  • List of shipments with direct tracking links of shipments made in Billbee
  • Direct editable addresses, comments and orderstates
  • Transfer of Billbee placeholder data to euqal named custom ticketfields and for usage in macros
  • Search of customers for creation of new tickets

Using the data from Billbee let you keep track of complaints, returns und other order related issues without changing the browser tab and searching independently each time.

Every information is automatically found and shown, right where you work.

Free trial

Just try it out and sign up for a free trial.


  • A Billbee API- Key
  • An activated Billbee API with the corresponding credentials (be aware, that activating the Billbee API is involving additional costs)

If you have questions, how to get a Billbee API Key or how to activate the API, please follow the instructions on the Billbee API page

Installation steps

  • Create your authorization token as followed:
  • Create a text by combining your Billbee username and your BIllbee API(!) password separated by a color. The username '' and the password 'passw0rd' combine to, for example.
  • Encode the given text by using base64 encoding. This can be done with multiple tools. One possibility would be The result will be used as authorization token later.
  • Install the app from the marketplace
  • When asked for additional parameters, fill them in
  • Authorization Token should be filled with the encoded token from the further steps. In then given example from above, the token looks like: bWF4QG11c3Rlcm1hbm4uZGU6cGFzc3cwcmQ=
  • API Key should be filled with the API- Key provided by the Billbee support
  • Open one of your tickets from a customer, who is known by Billbee, and enjoy the direct integration

Further steps to use custom ticketfields

If you want to use custom ticketfields for usage in macros, please follow the steps below.

  • Select which placeholders you want to use by visiting the Billbee support page
  • Be aware, that only order placeholders are usable, that can be used by themself as static value. For example {DeliveryAddress} is usable, while {DiscountAvailable} {/DiscountAvailable} is not
  • Go to Zendesk -> Admin -> Management -> Ticketfields
  • Add a ticketfield for each placeholder, you want to use, by using the same name, for example {DeliveryAddress}, as in Billbee. As Type use: text.
  • Create your macros by using the ticketsfields as described in the Zendesk API

App Details

  • Author: Aljoscha Knaust
  • Price: Free 30-day trial, then $25.00 per agent, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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