The simplest way to get your Zendesk data into your data warehouse

Supercharge your Zendesk data by blending it with data from sales, marketing or billing. Import your Zendesk data into your data warehouse in no time, have it always fresh and in-sync with the rest of the data of your company. Run your own SQL queries and analysis on top.


Connect and be up and running in a few clicks. Anywhere. With no coding!

Data Blending

Combine data from Zendesk with different sources like Mailchimp, Intercom or Xero to cover the complete customer journey.


By having Zendesk data with customer, sales or marketing data together in one place, you have easy SQL access to ask more questions like Which of my customers have the most tickets? or Where in my application and when my customer opens tickets?

Stream your data anywhere

Choose your own data warehousing solution from Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL or SQL Server.


Make changes to your data infrastructure and see the results immediately. Installation Instructions: You will need an account from Blendo before getting started. We offer a 14-day free trial for anyone that signs up.

  • Log in to Blendo
  • Choose Zendesk from the list of Blendo connectors and click "Add"
  • Enter your Zendesk subdomain, your Zendesk Username, and API Token and click Connect
  • Connect to any output from the list of Blendo connectors like Amazon Redshift, Postgres or SQL Server.
  • Your Zendesk data will sync with any of your data warehouses that you selected.

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  • Author: Blendo
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email
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