Blinger Omnichannel

Connect all of your messaging channels to Zendesk Support

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Blinger Omnichannel lets you connect required messaging channels to your Zendesk Support and makes it possible for customer support team to receive and reply to all messages from these channels directly in Zendesk Support.

Blinger Omnichannel converts all conversations form messaging apps into tickets in Zendesk and lets you manage them just as you would manage normal tickets from other channels. Your Zendesk workflow will not change, you can apply Macros, Close tickets, Assign conversations to different agents and use any of Zendesks full feature set.

Blinger Omnichannel supports integrations with 12 worldwide popular messaging channels and Twilio Chat SDK. Find details on offical website.

### Additional: * Watch demo "How Blinger works?" here. * Pricing on Blinger Omnichannel is here. * Sign up for free 10-day trial here (no credit card required).

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