Bulk Delete

Bulk Delete

Search and delete suspended tickets in bulk and get your Suspended tickets view count to zero.


A full-page nav bar app for searching and bulk deleting suspended tickets by specified causes of suspension. Enabled causes are configured in the app's settings and can be configured to restrict and allow specific causes of suspension. With this app, administrators and agents will be able to do the following: * Load all suspended tickets and sort them. * Set the number of tickets visible per each page * Filter by cause of suspension * Easily delete all or some suspended tickets in large batches as opposed to paging through the ‘Suspended Tickets’ view and deleting only 30 tickets every time.

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Install the Bulk Delete app and then set up the user settings within the app. By default, the Bulk Delete app defaults the results to 30 per page. To change this, simply go into settings and update the per page amount.

App Details

  • Author: Zendesk
  • Price: $5.00 per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:2.0.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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