BuscaCep Correios. Make it easier the job of your operation when you need to work with addresses in Brazil.

BuscaCep facilitates the interaction with your Zendesk to work with client addresses in Brazil.

When it's necessary to be sure about an address and register it to your tickets, your agents will only need the Postal Code:


When seeking some information, the app will give you a complete address, letting you inserting the house number and a complement:


The Apply option let you to choose 2 actions, you could insert the information in your ticket fields and/or register the information on description.

When applying the content of App to your ticket fields, he will make like in this example:


This 2 actions are chosen during the app installation at Zendesk.


  • It's not mandatory use the app to insert those informations on tickets, whether necessary, you can disable the apply function at the app configuration or during the installation, this resource will used only to guide.

  • These two options are optional, so you can utilize both or just only one.

  • The address apply option in the ticket fields doesn't has any minimun quantity of fields to be used, withal you can insert in some options, like state or city, or use all the fields, since they be vinculated using the field codes desired like you may confer in 'How to install'

When you're installing the app, we've two options, 'Apply on the ticket fields' or 'Apply on description'

The option of description will register on the text, the address filled at BuscaCep.

To insert all informations about address of BuscaCep to ticket fields, the App will request you, during the installation, to type the code of your created ticket field. Take as an example:


Enter the code of all fields generated at the moment of field creation, or confer in your 'ticket fields' tab.

This app works to tickets that are not closed.

App Details

  • Author: Bruno Rodrigues
  • Price: Free
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.0
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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