Campaign Magic

Campaign Magic

Start measuring the impact of your links via Google Analytics and many others


Many companies struggle with the lack of information about the direct business impact of their CX strategy. Customer Service team for an example often have a positive impact on the revenue and generate a lot of up-sells. Campaign Magic enables teams to start measuring this impact via Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, Chartbeat and all other URL parameters driven systems. Campaign Magic automatically adds your URL parameters to the links you share with your customers. For an example start measuring the amount of orders your customers do after an interaction with your Customer Service team.

Key Features

  • Automatically add URL parameters to the URL's agents share in Zendesk Support
  • Limit the URL parameters to specific domains
  • Support for Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, Chartbeat and all other systems driven by URL parameters
  • Existing URL parameters are been saved

Use Case

Your e-commerce website has a lot of interactions with your customers but the lack of insights in the revenue impact. You want to be able to provide your directors with the proof of the impact your team has on the revenue of the business. Campaign Magic starts adding URL parameters for Google Analytics to the links you share with your customers when giving product advise. Your team can now start measuring the impact directly in Google Analytics every time someone clicks on the product links just as it would be regular email marketing or some advertisement.

The first week is on us! After installing your free 7 days trial will start so you can tryout this application without any worries.

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Configuration of this Zendesk App is a simple proces.

  1. Install the Zendesk App from the Zendesk App Marketplace. 7 days free trial is included to tryout this Zendesk App.
  2. Enter the Domains which you would like to be updated if your agents share links. Wildcards are supported using a * in the domain. Example: *
  3. Enter the URL Parameters you would like to add to your URL's. Your analytics solution could help you generate this and some tools have generators like Google Analytics has available. You could for an example add utm_source=link_sharing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=customer_service
  4. Once installed make sure all agents reload Zendesk and start sharing links to your customers.
  5. If you want to make changes go to Admin > Apps > Manage > Campaign Magic > App Configuration and change the URL parameters any time you want.

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App Details

  • Author: pluscloud
  • Price: Free 7-day trial, then $1.00 per agent, per month
  • Support: Email / Website
  • Version:1.1
  • This is an app. It will install right into your Zendesk Support account.

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