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Exceptional customer experiences start with the right foundation.

Our AI-enabled platform increases productivity while eliminating manual work. Improve efficiency with automatic triage and agent augmentation. Perfect consistency with a complete and always up to date content database (internal scripts, macros and FAQs) powering self-service and automation.

Do you want to: * Increase agent productivity * Reduce agent ramp up time * Generate and maintain Macros up to date with help of AI * Understand which are the top issues driving CSAT * Improve answer consistency and enforce communication rules

Click install and start working Cleverly

  • Triage: Have you ever wondered what you could do if you knew what a ticket is about, right when it arrives at your inbox? Cleverly automatically classifies incoming customer requests according to a proprietary taxonomy, tailored to each of our clients’ use case (and covers different industries such as retail, software, insurance, financial services, among others). This categorization helps you prioritize requests, optimize work distribution and bring you metrics that are 100% reliant.
  • Assist: Cleverly assists agents in finding the best way to deal with each customer request. It will provide guiding process scripts and answer suggestions for each ticket, which will speed up the resolution time. Moreover, the assistant can be tuned by the team manager to ensure that it provides contextual suggestions that are in line with the company's existing tone and standards. Not only is productivity increased significantly, but the ramp-up time of new agents is also 20% faster.
  • Manage Knowledge: Do you struggle with keeping your knowledge base up to date? Cleverly's AI layer identifies knowledge gaps, actively suggests new content for your knowledge base and flags which articles are out of date. Besides the input you get from Cleverly AI, you'll find a platform that you can use to collaboratively manage your reply templates. You will see which content is being used, what brought the ultimate customers’ satisfaction and where improvement opportunities lie.
  • Automate and Reply: When you have specific insights into what drives customer satisfaction and confidence about the resolutions, then automation is a no brainer! Workflow automation is the key to decrease response times while improving CSAT, freeing your agents to work on value-added requests, solving the challenging problems.

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